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A little bit of insight and behind the scenes from the years of portrait photography experiences of the JP team.


Why May & June Sessions Rock

Cari Hague

Our most requested season of the year for family sessions is fall, which makes sense with all the beautiful colored leaves and for seniors it seems to be early August before they head back to school.  However, for Jackie and I, our favorite season for family and senior sessions is May & June.  We love the Iowa seasons and all the varieties of beautiful sets we are blessed with here.  Right now, we look outside and the grass has started to green, indicating that it won’t be long before the outdoors is abundant with the lush green settings.  Maybe I have a little fonder appreciation of all our green gorgeous trees because I spent several seasons in the not quite so green Arizona.   Don’t get me wrong there were definite perks, especially in the photography business, like not worrying about many sessions getting rained out, but I dearly missed the big green shade trees and deep green multidimensional backgrounds.

So, for seniors, May/June offer us endless natural sets and while August is great, it can be hot and humid.  Usually, May/June temps are moderate and more pleasant to wear those long sleeve and layered outfits that photo so well.  We also lose a few of the settings if it gets too dry so we have more options and more flowers early.  Also, we don’t have that feeling of the back to school rush that seems to come every year (in our house too).

For families, I think the popularity of fall sessions half comes from the beauty of the colors and half from the last chance to get the holiday card portrait done for the year.  While it is tough to think of doing a session in May/June for your holiday card, it can be fun to have it done early.  This is also a great way to add variety to your wall art, if traditionally you have fall colors.  With the lush green, cooler color palates are a more viable option than they are in the fall where warm tones are best.

Well, hopefully whether you’re thinking of a senior or family session this year, you will consider booking May/June to take advantage of this beauty, one of the many reasons we love Iowa…

 …rich green grass,

deep layered leafy backdrops,

colorful blooming flowers,

ponds and creeks at their peak,

walking through the woods,

fresh green fields and meadows,

& two excited photographers full of inspiration.