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How much does it cost?

Consider your portraits and investment in the legacy of your story.  That said, most people think we are super expensive and find out that when you add up all the fees and charges you will incur elsewhere that we include, it is really worth it.  The specific price though depends on what you select:

Other items such as smaller gift portraits, wallets, and digital files are available for purchase through your custom online gallery. 

Do you photo on-location?

Yes!  We love to shoot on the ISU campus, and other special locations that have meaning to you and help tell your story. There is a $50 location fee for the Ames area and we will custom quote the location fee outside of Ames.  Keep in mind that most of our images you may have seen are taken at our studio's outdoor locations. We have a ton of choices like ponds, gravel roads, fences, prairie, woods with a creek, and more on the property that we can help you pick from that will give you variety and great lighting.

How Many Outfits?

This will depend on the session type and what type of finished product you would like to create.  For seniors, we recommend bringing around 5 outfits (and maybe a few optional layering pieces we can interchange) as this give a great variety to capture plenty of variety to create a great story book.  For families, 1-2 is enough as we will focus our variety on the relationships and too many outfits will take away from really getting to know and tell your story.  For Grow With Me sessions, we will usually photo 2-3 outfits though one of those is typically naked or just a diaper or tutu that we have at the studio (we love when you bring a few and let us help you decide).  For Boudoir we will photo 1-4 outfits/sets but it really depends on the finished product here so we will walk through that before your session.

When Do I order?

For all sessions, ala-carte items and extras are ordered via the online gallery you will receive after your session.  You will have 30 days to place orders while the gallery is active.

For Signature Series sessions, the images for the Featured Product will either be selected at the end of the session or at an ordering appointment after the session.  This will be determined by the type of session and more information will be released with the specific session info.

For GWM sessions, you will select after each session either via an ordering appointment or via a contact sheet.  Those images will go online for you to order extra items from and then go into your book at the end.

For Custom Designer Sessions, we will set the ordering appointment at the consultation or session.

Do I get to see all the images you capture?

For your benefit we will do a rough edit of the images before you see the ones to select from.  We will eliminate any closed eyes etc.  We will also edit down a little to what we intended to capture, sometimes we shoot a few frames to get the exact lighting or angle for composition we were going for and it is more efficient if we just shoot it then delete it before we show you. 

Can I have all my Images?

The Book or Album is a great product to tell the complete story from a session or group of sessions.  We have found 20-25 images of a traditional custom session ends up being "having it all" without redundancy, then you get those digital files as well. 

ARe there session fees?

No, there are not separate session fees.  The session fees are included in the session packages.

Do you do senior sessions?

Yes, there are two options for senior sessions.  The more traditional route is the Custom Designer Session.  Or, if you are looking for something lighter, a great option is to select the Simply Senior package from the Signature Artist Series sessions.

What Do I wear?

We are happy to chat about this in your consultation but please check out the Clothing Tips page.

What is the best time of year for Family sessions?

It depends.  October is National Family Portrait month so obviously lots of people like the fall colors for family portaits - in Iowa, peak color is typically the second week of October, but can vary depending on the weather.  We love the lush green colors of June, the fresh spring flowering trees in May, the prairie grasses in August/Sept., the beaches in the summer, the creek is usually best late summer  when it is a little dry and we can get to the sandbars in the center but totally depends on rain, and of course snow in the winter.  Our giant oak trees are great all year as are our fences and country lanes.