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Why JP

We are passionate about portraiture and thought we would share what we believe makes us different and some of our philosophies on why clients select JP.

Creativity - we are artists with many years of professional portrait photography experience.  Being experts at our craft allows us to think outside the box and collaborate to find creative ways to create artwork featuring you or your loved one as the subject.  When you visit a "studio-in-a-box", you are often required to be the creative director, to come up with all the ideas, to pose your kids or family, and to solicit the desired expressions for the photographer.  At JP, you can trust us to take the lead, to offer you a full service session, to collaborate and give input, and to relax knowing the results will be a wonderful finished product.

Natural Light - using natural light to capture a portrait effectively can be more challenging then studio lights or artificial flash photography, partially due to the limits imposed by nature of which is in most ways out of our control.  Sacrificing some convienence and predictibililty is well worth the beautiful results.  Our opinion, of course, is that natural light is the most flattering and creates the best portraits - hands down.

Posing/composition - often the most overlooked professional component to portrait photography.  Everyone and their dog has a DSLR these days, and for not too much more you can grab a decent lens.  However, you may need to have studied a little to learn about composition and it really takes some practice to execute it well.  Most people wouldn't necessarily know when it is wrong, but quality composition changes a snapshot to a portrait.  Here is the kicker - many "professionals" don't even know the secrets to great posing.  We though, are sticklers for great posing.  It can be a difference of 30lbs. or so, of looking dorky or awkward, of an image flowing and appeasing the eye, or just being so-so.  Many photographers claim a call to photo real, unintruded, photojournalistic images- to each their own.  We have the skill to pose subjects to look their best for portraits and that is what we prefer when we are personally captured, so you can expect to be coached and JP sessions to be orchestrated.

Retouching/finishing - We always knew that our post-production finishing services were one of our differentiating factors, but it really hit home when a friend asked to help select her sisters wedding photographer at a destination location, from a group of portfolios.  RED FLAG - no retouching services in the bunch, let alone finishing digital artwork.  So, basically you are looking at a book of snapshots, or a disc of snapshots.  I guess this is another, you don't notice it until it's gone, factors.  Every session at JP comes with complete retouching and enhancement artwork applied to the images.  We are really good at what we do, but our raw images are a little like us without makeup (and we are not 20 anymore).  The pop, the color, the wow comes partially from a computer and our artists that are experts at that craft.  Fun fact: more time is invested at a computer then at the session to create the finished images.

Finished products - JP uses the best national portrait labs to produce our products.  From the beautiful Artist's Books to our favorite canvas wall groupings.  While there are many printing options out there, I see so many that would have had a great portrait but the attention to color calibration was completely omitted.

What else?  We would love to hear why you think we are different, email us at to share your thoughts, or always if you have questions.