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Jacquelyn's Photography

Hi, we are currently updating our site with new and exciting things for 2018.  We apologize for the inconvenience but will be refreshed and functional soon, thanks for bearing with us.  Feel free to email us, in the meantime.

JP portraiture is designed to be artwork, lived with and enjoyed, an expression of your love and values.  As photography has become easily accessible and taken on a new form in our daily lives, JP strives to deliver a product and service that compliments the daily record keeping.  We love a natural feel, but refined in ways that are not obvious, so each finished product deserves to be labeled "fine art".


Helping families create a legacy of art by revealing their beautiful stories of the relationships and love with our unique combination of natural and portrait style photography.


Fun, playful, serious, studious, sporty, sophisticated... Seniors have many sides and revealing those stories at this special time of life, we approach with expertise to capture our seniors through a natural and relaxed session.


Though women don't always feel the most beautiful during this amazing time of life it should be celebrated, JP is simply the best at revealing this miraculous story in a beautiful way in many different styles.


How amazing it is to see how quickly babies change.  We have enjoyed revealing many baby stories over the years.  Our favorite stages are: fresh newborns within the first week to capture those serene sleeping portraits, around four months when they can push up their heads while laying on their tummy and have real smiles and fun expressions, around eight months is perfect for sitting up and fun expressions, and around eight months is perfect for crawling and interacting before they take off walking. 


How precious and sweet, playful and silly, outspoken and shy, moody and naughty.  Capturing a little one's fleeting moment is a gift.  They grow up in a blink.  Whether it is the natural laugh or that solemn look where their eyes just open up and can see right through you, JP has been photographing children for decades.  While this is not all we do, we truly love the opportunity to spend a whole session diving into the big personality of a child.